The Centre for Cognition Research (CCR) at Reading, which is affiliated to the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, aims to promote excellence in research concerning the understanding of human intelligence.It endeavours to meet this aim by bringing together researchers from different disciplines who have a shared interest in understanding the mind, enabling cross-discipline discussion.

The Centre regularly hosts events of interest to its members and acts to facilitate the exchange of information, promoting new and existing research collaborations.

The Centre aims to address issues at the interface of several disciplines (most prominently Philosophy and Psychology, but also Cybernetics, Engineering, Linguistics, and others), in the belief that progress on the fundamental issues involved in understanding the mind will be enhanced by the input of scholars from a range of cognate fields.

Post-graduate students workng on relevant interdisciplinary issues are an integral part of the Centre and we aim to provide appropriate cross-disciplinary supervision and support, giving students the opportunity to learn about areas outside their specialisation.

By conducting research with members of the Centre which introduces them to new ideas and techniques, graduate students will broaden their understanding of the disciplines which contribute to the study of Cognitive Science.

If you are interested in visiting CCR, giving a research paper, or applying for graduate study, please contact the Director, Professor Emma Borg ( or a member of the Centre in your research area.

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